Choosing upholstered furniture, especially a sofa, is always a crucial moment, since many factors, criteria and characteristics should be considered. In addition to such basic parameters as the sofa-bed conversion mechanism, upholstery material and product geometry, the design and interior compatibility of furniture is of great importance. After all, a sofa is not just a functional element of the room, but also participates in its stylistic content.

How to choose a sofa by color?

The most important parameter influencing the perception of furniture in the interior is the color of the upholstery. Selecting a sofa by color is an individual process, since each person has his own perception of a particular combination.

However, there are certain rules, adhering to which, choosing a sofa by color will be much easier. Below is a table that shows the principle of tonal compatibility of furniture with the interior.

The principle works as follows:

For single-color combinations, the “Trendy” column shows colors that can be taken as the tone of the room. For optimal compatibility, you should select the appropriate colors from the “Accentuating” column.

For combined combinations – if you plan to buy upholstered furniture with multi-colored decor or a combination of colors, combinations of the 3rd and 4th columns are used.
For example, for a room in light gray tones, a sofa with pink upholstery is suitable.

Returning to single-color options, the most popular colors for sofa upholstery are the following:

  • white – optimal for rooms where it is necessary to visually expand the space, a good choice for any type of interior, despite not the most practical;
  • black – solid and a sign of status, capable of creating a strong accent; a black sofa will be an advantageous solution for placement in an office area;
  • red is bright and provocative, such a sofa is appropriate to place in the living room, but it is not suitable for children’s rooms and bedrooms;
  • yellow is one of the best solutions, yellow color has a calming property, provides visual comfort, but without excessive relaxation, an excellent option for a children’s room;
  • green – has exceptionally relaxing properties, a sofa with green upholstery will be an ideal solution for the bedroom;
  • deep blue – in combination with warm tones, a blue sofa will look great, giving the interior depth and emotionality, making a soft sofa a cool accent in the living room;
  • blue – like green, blue tones harmonize perfectly with a relaxation area, such as a bedroom, but this color is colder and may not suit melancholic people.

The Diamanti catalog contains samples of all the colors and shades mentioned above. You can choose sofas to suit any design and tone, from the best domestic manufacturers, with delivery of products throughout Moldova.

Choosing a sofa for a large room

In the spacious living room you can place a sofa of any shape (straight or corner). It is best to place upholstered furniture against the wall; this is a classic win-win option.

You can also create a distinct comfort zone by placing upholstered furniture in the center of the room, putting a carpet under your feet, and placing a TV opposite. For the same purpose, it is appropriate to choose two small sofas and place them opposite each other. This arrangement guarantees quality rest, creating a real oasis of comfort in your home.

Choosing a sofa for a small room

A corner sofa will be an excellent solution for a nursery, bedroom or office. You should pay close attention to the color and material of the upholstery. For the nursery and bedroom, it is best to choose soft, calm tones.

Fabric upholstery in warm colors (yellow and orange) is ideal for a nursery. Green and its shades, as well as blue and turquoise are the optimal solution for the bedroom. It is better to place a sofa based on genuine leather in the office or kitchen. This is an environmentally friendly material, highly practical and perfectly emphasizing the status of the room.


To summarize the above, several important points can be highlighted. First of all, you should evaluate the compatibility of the future sofa with the tone of the intended room. Consider several options and make the best decision.

Next, you should consider such characteristics of upholstered furniture as shape, upholstery materials and their compatibility with the functional and decorative content of the room. The sofa should be in harmony with the interior stylistically, clearly fitting into the already formed atmosphere of the room.

The Diamanti online store sells upholstered furniture of any design, and our prices are always favourable. In the catalogue you can choose a product to match the interior of the room, including sofas that can provide quality relaxation and full decorative compliance.