Products from our online store are accompanied by warranty certificates that grant the right to repair in the event of manufacturing defects.

The Buyer and the Seller have all the rights provided by the Law “On Consumer Protection” No. 105-XV from 13.03.2003.

For questions regarding warranty and post-warranty repairs, you can contact us at: Chisinau, str. Ginta Latina 13/1, office 117; tel.: 069121292

In the event of malfunctions and/or the discovery of hidden manufacturing defects, the warranty certificate grants the right to free warranty repairs at the service center during the specified warranty period, which is counted from the date of purchase.

The condition for free warranty service of products during the established warranty period includes: correct installation, use, and absence of mechanical damage caused by the Buyer. When making a warranty claim, you must present: the receipt and/or tax invoice and the warranty certificate.

The product is void of warranty in the event of violation of installation rules, as well as violation of transportation, storage, use, and maintenance rules.

Warranty obligations do not apply to:

  • product accessories made of glass, consumables, parts with a limited usage period, and parts with natural wear;
  • damage caused by non-compliance with installation and connection rules and conditions;
  • defects caused by overload, dropping heavy and sharp objects, or water pressure fluctuations, penetration of dirt and other foreign objects due to water contamination, lack of fine filters on the water supply system;
  • damage caused by corrosive substances, liquids, and other aggressive elements on the product surface;
  • natural wear of the product and mechanisms or defects caused by incorrect, careless, or aggressive use, improper care, household factors, natural disasters, flooding, fire;
  • if the product shows signs of unauthorized interference or attempted repair;
  • if unauthorized changes to the product design are detected;
  • if the product was used contrary to its intended purpose or in conditions for which it is not designed;
  • mechanical damage that occurred during transportation and storage;
  • if traces of storing wet or damp objects are found inside the furniture, traces of direct water contact: delamination, cracking, swelling of components or parts of the furniture.

Product Return

The client has the right to refuse the ordered Product at any time before receiving it and after receiving it, or to exchange the Product within 14 days, considering all provisions of LAW No. 105 from 13.03.2003 on consumer protection.

The product is not subject to return or exchange in the following cases:

  • More than 14 calendar days have passed since the purchase of the Product;
  • Less than 14 calendar days have passed since the purchase of the Product, but the product has been used, the integrity of the packaging and/or set has been violated, documents confirming the purchase are missing, etc.;
  • The product is included in the list of goods that are not subject to return and exchange according to LAW No. 105 from 13.03.2003 on consumer protection (LIST of non-food products of appropriate quality that are not subject to exchange for a similar product).
  • Only products that have not been used and have no traces of installation, use, mechanical damage: scratches, chips, wear, etc. are subject to exchange or return.

The following must be preserved: integrity and all components of the packaging, complete set of the product, original documents confirming the purchase of the Product.

Violation of any of these points grants the Administration the right to refuse the Buyer the exchange or return of the product.

The reimbursement of the product cost, conditions, and terms are carried out in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Moldova.

Consumer Information

The authorized body with functions for consumer rights protection is: Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance Agency

Address: Chisinau, str. Vasile Alecsandri, 78
Phone: (022) 51-51-51; 0-800-28-028

Complaints are considered upon presentation of the cash receipt or another document confirming the purchase of the product or service.