The “DIAMANTI” factory has a longstanding reputation of being a reliable manufacturer of custom-made furniture. Over the years, we have achieved many goals, as well as getting through some harder times, but the greatest success has been the trust of our customers. We don’t just create furniture, we create the ideal combination of design and construction, matching every taste and requirement.

Like any story, ours began with great ambitions and the desire to make a truly quality product.

We started making our first sofas, initially with a small team. Our quality impressed people and they found it hard to believe that the furniture was made locally.

But the affordable and low prices convinced them. Our furniture gained increased interest and production began to develop at a rapid pace.
Expanding the range, new ideas and new unique models appeared. Soon, the furniture showroom was opened, where we present various models of the furniture that we produce at our DIAMANTI FABRICA DE MOBILĂ factory, furniture for everyone and for each individual, for those who appreciate comfort and beauty.

Each customer for us is unique while we now have volume production, we also give customers the maximum amount of attention and time, because custom-made furniture is always a way to create a unique product.

If you ask us what kind of furniture we prefer to create, the answer will be furniture that you will immediately like, that would fit in perfectly in your home, both in terms of size and design, and that is durable and comfortable. Whether the product is a small armchair or a sofa for a spacious living room, we will do what we can to make your dreams come true.