Proper furniture arrangement can radically alter the perception and functionality of any living space. This is especially important for small apartments, where every square meter counts. In this article, we’ll offer a series of tips and strategies to help you maximize the efficient use of available space.

Planning – the Key to Success

Before starting to rearrange furniture, it’s important to meticulously plan every step. Use graphic applications or simply a sheet of paper and a pencil to create a layout of your space. This will help you visualize different arrangement options without physically moving furniture.

Utilize Multi-functional Furniture

Multi-functional furniture is the perfect solution for small spaces. Sofa beds, folding tables, chairs with storage drawers – all of these will help you save space and increase its functionality. Consider what functions each piece of furniture should serve and try to choose those that can serve dual or even triple purposes.

Keep Passageways Clear

When arranging furniture, it’s important to leave enough space for free movement. Avoid placing furniture in a way that blocks passageways or doorways. Not only will this make your space more open and airy, but it will also enhance the functionality of the room.

Vertical Space

Don’t forget to utilize the vertical space in your home. Tall cabinets, floor-to-ceiling shelves, and wall-mounted shelves can significantly increase your storage without taking up additional floor space. This is especially useful for storing books, decor, or other household items.

Mirrors for Visual Space Expansion

Using mirrors is an excellent way to visually expand space. Large mirrors placed opposite light sources can add light and depth to your room, making it appear larger and brighter.


Proper furniture arrangement requires attention to detail and planning, but the results can completely transform your dwelling. By using these tips, you’ll be able to create a space that not only optimally utilizes every square meter but also provides comfort and style.